My Word, My Bond

Small Studio, Big Ambitions

S Kay Creative is a creative studio that specializes in brand photography, graphic and web design services to growing businesses and entrepreneurs. Your photography and design needs aren’t just things to cross off your list, they are investments. Running a business gets BUSY and we all need help sometimes. By taking the creative work and putting it into the hands of a trusted partner you can get some of your time back and be free to focus on all the other things you have going on. 


No in between account managers.
It's just you and me collaborating clearly and transparently. 

Hey Hey I’m Shanakay, you can call me Shana! I’m your girl boss in charge of making your website, graphics and photos shine. I’m the creative and queen of details on your team who brings life to your unique passions online. As a lover of art and technology I’m able to bring the two together in the work I do and make magic happen with the projects I collaborate on. Ever the go-getter, I decided to take the leap and turn my interests into more when the universe opened up some doors and blessed me with the time and some amazing guidance. I started my business because I love what I do and want to help other talented and fierce business owners like you level up your online presence. Misaligned text, bad colour combinations, broken links and low quality images drive me crazy!!! If you want someone who will pay attention to details like this on your team then I’m your girl. 

I’ve had great opportunities to work in private and public sector and non-profit worlds supporting marketing and digital teams doing design, web and photography work – the very thing I’m able to do for you. I want your phone to start ringing because of the work that I do for you. To me, that’s success. 

Shana Hall

Your Designer, S Kay Creative

Cheers to the experience.

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